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Billy Chuck

tsr_logo_spring_2015Spring, 2015
“Pretend to stab me,” my brother says. I lunge at him with an invisible knife and he takes my straight arm and bends it backwards. “Ow!” I say. My brother does tai chi, but not just the slow motion stuff. He says he knows this… read more

The Bank & Caught up in the Rapture

caffine2Fall, 2014
“I heard it on the radio. The DJ said that on May 21st, the WORLD WILL END. It was that station WJCN. That’s the only one that ever comes in strong around here without getting scratchy when I drive over the mountain to Schoharie County. Sometimes I wish they would play more country music like that Shania Twain or that black girl Violet likes. But, they got music and preaching, so it’s not so bad… read more

Let’s Not Pretend to Be Who We Aren’t

May 29, 2014
One rule of thumb for marriage would be to avoid imitating Julia Child’s voice during sex. I learned this lesson one Sunday afternoon while fooling around with my husband. I recently had bought the book, “The Fine Art of Erotic Talk,” by Bonnie Gabriel and was up to Chapter 5: “Fantasy and Role-Playing.” read more…

The Climb


When I was younger, I thought nothing of stepping on a worm, or frying an ant under a magnifying glass. I might have been curious about the carcass of a raccoon left on the side of the road, but felt no sadness at its passing. A dead goldfish was merely flushed, with no accompanying tears… read more

The Upholsterer’s Wife

brevitylogo435I only met her once. It was summertime, and I was riding with my dad out to the airport. As an amateur pilot, he was required to log a certain number of hours of flight time per year in order to keep his pilot’s license, and we would often take little trips to neighboring Wisconsin just for the afternoon… read on